Hello, my name is Alex. I'm working at Intercom, traveling around the globe, deep interested in tech and trying to lift weights in CrossFit boxes. Maybe I'll write something or maybe not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Just check 📝 Blog page time to time. Or do not check. Rule your life by yourself.


Contact Me

Are you interested in working together on something interesting? Don't hesitate to say 👋 Hi and start a 💬 conversation or just 🐦 tweet me.

My Skills

  • A/B Testing
  • Data Analysis
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Flask
  • Node.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Express
  • React
  • Angular
  • Pandas
  • Weka
  • Scikit
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Salesforce
  • Redis
  • Nginx

Side Projects

LifeKit (Telegram Bot) - Track your life directly from Telegram. Closed

Devmates (Education/Community) - Get exceptionally good at tech interviews by solving one problem every day with other engineers like you. Closed

Fitpals(Community) - Community of the Fittest Athletes in the World. Closed

Techmet(SaaS) - Dashboard for your startup. Track anything that happens inside your product in real-time. Visualize important metric, get instant notification and join to Open Startup community. Closed

Charlie(Telegram Bot/Social Network) - Location-based social network working inside Telegram aims for Digital Nomads audience. Closed

ShoHosh(Marketplace) - Marketplace where sellers pitch to buyers. Closed

ShoHosh Bot(Telegram Bot) - Telegram bot which allows post items with photo and description directly to the website. Get notification with new items filtered by interested categories and tags. Closed

Worjob(Marketplace) - Platform for jobs on demand on Poland market. Closed

Worfor(Job board/Freelance Marketplace) - The first project made and ran on the market during the 24h Startup Challenge. Find Job and side Gigs, hire freelancers, advertise open positions. Up to 600 unique users daily. Closed