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Don't wait to start

30 Dec 2020

For the past few years, I’m thinking about creating some content. It might be a podcast or a video blog. I have a lot of ideas in my head. How it should look like, what I should talk about, how to share it with people, the concept behind all of it, etc. But for some reason, I did not start.

I’m holidaying right now. I have free time so I’ve decided that I should try something. Yeah, it will not be the movie or professional podcast. I’ll try to make something small and see do I love the process or not. If I’ll fell in love with it then I’ll contribute more time. But if not - then I can remove all of these ideas from my head. I can say that I tried but I didn’t love the process. That’s it.

So maybe I’ll start with some sort of short videos or maybe a short podcast. Anyway, I’m going to share at least something in the next few days.